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Protection of Children: Road Safety - Internet Hazards.

Infrastructures: The Opera of Algiers - The International Congress Center, Algiers.

Industry: 30th Anniversary of the National Metrology Office.

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4th Arab Exhibition of Philately

Algiers 2014 : December 13-20, 2013


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Last issue

55th Anniversary of the creation of the Algerian Police

Date of issue : 07/22/2017

The new stamps issue of the algerian post is a souvenir sheet about the 55th Anniversary of the creation of the Algerian Police


New postmark

EMA AP Develop
The Algerian Post has issued a new slogan of franking postmark, type Neopost, bearing the mention bilingual (Ar-Fr): "Algérie Poste au coeur du développement" . The first observed postmark by PhilatélieDz dated 28 October 2013, it is likely that this is the date of the first use of the Central Post Office of Algiers.

Errors and Varieties

COA variety A double variety discovered on the issue of the 50th anniversary of the Algerian Olympic Committee. It appear on the first column of the sheet. A zoom on the part of the stamp shows a double perforations and the called ashed of the olympic torch.


Download the encyclopaedia of postage stamp of Algeria


Download the No.18 (June 2017)of the review Maghrebophila (fr)

Day of Algeria

A page of solidarity with the Algerian Revolution

The Algerian revolution, triggered November 1st, 1954, was conducted by the Algerian people against French colonization. This historical action saw the emergence of several solidarity actions around the world like this issue of KSA's contribution stamps, listed in Thoden Catalog of 2008.

Day of Algeria